HERO Models provides our customers with great customer service and professional dancers that offer Fine Exotic
Entertainment. Once our dancers arrive at your show that they are a guest. The person who booked the show and/or (the
owner or management of residence of show location) is responsible for the conduct of there guests. At any time that our
entertainers feel threatened or harassed, by crowd miss conduct for both Male & Female audiences. Our Entertainers
have the right to leave at there discretion and there will be NO REFUNDS on any show fees or monies earned.

All shows that have been pre-booked with credit card, and they are cancelled with less than 5 days before the day your
show was booked will be charged 50% of the total booking fee. All shows cancelled the same day of the show or prior to
entertainers arriving to show time are subject to be charged 100% of the total price of the booking price of show. All shows
booked same day and cancelled same day will be charged the full price of the show. Credit Card users (by submitting your
Credit Card information for payment of services, signifies you except and understand the terms outlined above).
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The Sexxiest Exotic Party Entertainment Featuring,HERO's Hottest Male & Female Erotic Dancers - Strippers,Male Strippers,Female Strippers,Male Dancers,Female Dancers, Adult Entertainers
The Sexxiest Exotic Party Entertainment Featuring
HERO's Hottest Male & Female Erotic Dancers - Strippers
The Sexxiest Exotic Party Entertainment Featuring
HERO's Hottest Male & Female Erotic Dancers - Strippers
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24 Hours A Day / 7 Days A Week
Serving all 50 States
Alabama Male Female Strippers  -  Alaska Male Female Strippers - Arizona  Male Female Strippers
Arkansas Male Female Strippers - California Male Female Strippers - Colorado Male Female Strippers
Connecticut Male Female Strippers - Delaware Male Female Strippers - Florida Male Female Strippers
Georgia Male Female Strippers - Hawaii Male Female Strippers - Idaho Male Female Strippers
Illinois Male Female Strippers - Indiana Male Female Strippers - Iowa Male Female Strippers
Kansas Male Female Strippers - Kentucky Male Female Strippers - Louisiana Male Female Strippers
Maine Male Female Strippers - Maryland Male Female Strippers - Massachusetts Male Female Strippers
Michigan Male Female Strippers - Minnesota Male Female Strippers - Mississippi Male Female Strippers
Missouri Male Female Strippers - Montana Male Female Strippers - Nebraska Male Female Strippers
Nevada Male Female Strippers - New Hampshire Male Female Strippers - New Jersey Male Female Strippers
New Mexico Male Female Strippers - New York Male Female Strippers - North Carolina Male Female Strippers
North Dakota Male Female Strippers - Ohio Male Female Strippers - Oklahoma Male Female Strippers
Oregon Male Female Strippers - Pennsylvania Male Female Strippers - Rhode Island Male Female Strippers
South Carolina Male Female Strippers - South Dakota Male Female Strippers - Tennessee Male Female Strippers
Texas Male Female Strippers - Utah Male Female Strippers - Vermont Male Female Strippers - Virginia Male Female Strippers
Washington Male Female Strippers - West Virginia Male Female Strippers
Wisconsin Male Female Strippers - Wyoming  Male Female Strippers
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  • Graduation Party
  • Guys Night Out
  • Holiday Parties
  • Houseboat Parties
  • Hot Oil Wrestling
  • Impersonators
  • Models
  • Male Revues
  • Massages
  • Lap Dancers  
Examples of Some Services
  • Super Bowl Parties
  • Swimsuit Models   
  • Sexy Dancers   
  • Trade Shows   
  • Wrestling shows   
  • (Hot Oil, Jello,
  • Whip Cream,
  • or Shaving Cream)  
  • Wait Staff    
  • Wet T Shirt Contest
  • Xmas Parties
  • Any Occasion!
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