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Due to the high demand of HERO Models Male & Female Strippers &
Exotic Dancers reservations are recommended in advance!

We will do our best to accommodate last minute booking requests!

HERO Models has been Tempting, Teasing, Tantalizing, Titillating, Thrilling, Engaging and Entrancing our
customers for over a decade, and know how to put on a show /event you (and your guests) won't soon forget!!

HERO Models provides professional Male and Female Exotic Dancers,
Models and  Strippers for your Bachelor party,
Bachelorette party,
Birthday  party
Fraternity/Sorority party
Going Away party
Office party,
Night Club show
Friends Night out Party
or just for Fun!
Male & Female Exotic Dancers & Models

HERO Models is dedicated to providing high quality,
professional exotic entertainment.
Bringing a Las Vegas Style Male Revue,
a Sexy GoGo shows
or a fantasy strip performance directly to your Party or Event,
Home, Hotel or Night Club.

HERO is a entertainment / model agency serving
the all Major US cities and surrounding cities.

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Alabama Bachelor Parties - Arizona Bachelor Parties - Arkansas Bachelor Parties - California Bachelor Parties - Colorado Bachelor Parties - Connecticut
Bachelor Parties - Delaware Bachelor Parties - Florida Bachelor Parties - Georgia Bachelor Parties - Idaho Bachelor Parties - Illinois Bachelor Parties- Indiana
Bachelor Parties - Iowa Bachelor Parties - Kansas Bachelor Parties - Kentucky Bachelor Parties - Louisiana Bachelor Parties - Maine Bachelor Parties -
Maryland Bachelor Parties - Massachusetts Bachelor Parties - Michigan Bachelor Parties- Minnesota Bachelor Parties - Mississippi Bachelor Parties - Missouri
Bachelor Parties - Montana Bachelor Parties - Nebraska Bachelor Parties- Nevada Bachelor Parties - New Hampshire Bachelor Parties - New Jersey Bachelor
Parties - New Mexico Bachelor Parties - New York Bachelor Parties - North Carolina Bachelor Parties - North Dakota Bachelor Parties - Ohio Bachelor Parties -
Oklahoma Bachelor Parties - Oregon Bachelor Parties - Pennsylvania Bachelor Parties - Rhode Island Bachelor Parties - South Carolina Bachelor Parties - South
Dakota Bachelor Parties - Tennessee Bachelor Parties - Texas Bachelor Parties - Utah Bachelor Parties - Vermont Bachelor Parties - Virginia Bachelor Parties -
Washington Bachelor Parties - West Virginia Bachelor Parties - Wisconsin Bachelor Parties - Wyoming  Bachelor Parties

Alabama Bachelorette Parties - Arizona  Bachelorette Parties - Arkansas Bachelorette Parties - California Bachelorette Parties - Colorado Bachelorette Parties -
Connecticut Bachelorette Parties - Delaware Bachelorette Parties - Florida Bachelorette Parties- Georgia Bachelorette Parties - Idaho Bachelorette Parties -
Illinois Bachelorette Parties - Indiana Bachelorette Parties - Iowa Bachelorette Parties - Kansas Bachelorette Parties - Kentucky  - Louisiana - Maine
Bachelorette Parties- Maryland Bachelorette Parties - Massachusetts Bachelorette Parties - Michigan Bachelorette Parties - Minnesota Bachelorette Parties -
Mississippi Bachelorette Parties - Missouri Bachelorette Parties - Montana Bachelorette Parties - Nebraska Bachelorette Parties - Nevada Bachelorette Parties -
New Hampshire Bachelorette Parties - New Jersey Bachelorette Parties - New Mexico Bachelorette Parties - New York Bachelorette Parties - North Carolina
Bachelorette Parties - North Dakota Bachelorette Parties - Ohio Bachelorette Parties - Oklahoma Bachelorette Parties - Oregon Bachelorette Parties -
Pennsylvania Bachelorette Parties - Rhode Island Bachelorette Parties - South Carolina Bachelorette Parties - South Dakota Bachelorette Parties - Tennessee
Bachelorette Parties - Texas Bachelorette Parties - Utah Bachelorette Parties - Vermont Bachelorette Parties - Virginia Bachelorette Parties - Washington
Bachelorette Parties - West Virginia Bachelorette Parties - Wisconsin Bachelorette Parties - Wyoming  Bachelorette Parties
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We carry a hilarious line of low cost adult party items and gag gifts.
Great for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, sorority parties, girls night out, bachelor parties and birthday parties.
As seen in Playgirl Magazine and the Washington Post.
We are THE Bachelorette Party Shop
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Serving All Major Cities And Surrounding Areas.
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Click Here for Male Strippers South Carolina Bachelorette Parties
The Sexxiest Exotic Party Entertainment Featuring
HERO's Hottest Male & Female Erotic Dancers - Strippers
The Sexxiest Exotic Party Entertainment Featuring
HERO's Hottest Male & Female Erotic Dancers - Strippers
Click Here for Female Strippers South Carolina Bachelorette Parties
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  • (Hot Oil, Jello,
  • Whip Cream,
  • or Shaving Cream)  
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  • Wet T Shirt Contest
  • Xmas Parties
  • Any Occasion!
Alabama Male Female Strippers  -  Alaska Male Female Strippers - Arizona  Male Female Strippers
Arkansas Male Female Strippers - California Male Female Strippers - Colorado Male Female Strippers
Connecticut Male Female Strippers - Delaware Male Female Strippers - Florida Male Female Strippers
Georgia Male Female Strippers - Hawaii Male Female Strippers - Idaho Male Female Strippers
Illinois Male Female Strippers - Indiana Male Female Strippers - Iowa Male Female Strippers
Kansas Male Female Strippers - Kentucky Male Female Strippers - Louisiana Male Female Strippers
Maine Male Female Strippers - Maryland Male Female Strippers - Massachusetts Male Female Strippers
Michigan Male Female Strippers - Minnesota Male Female Strippers - Mississippi Male Female Strippers
Missouri Male Female Strippers - Montana Male Female Strippers - Nebraska Male Female Strippers
Nevada Male Female Strippers - New Hampshire Male Female Strippers - New Jersey Male Female Strippers
New Mexico Male Female Strippers - New York Male Female Strippers - North Carolina Male Female Strippers
North Dakota Male Female Strippers - Ohio Male Female Strippers - Oklahoma Male Female Strippers
Oregon Male Female Strippers - Pennsylvania Male Female Strippers - Rhode Island Male Female Strippers
South Carolina Male Female Strippers - South Dakota Male Female Strippers - Tennessee Male Female Strippers
Texas Male Female Strippers - Utah Male Female Strippers - Vermont Male Female Strippers - Virginia Male Female Strippers
Washington Male Female Strippers - West Virginia Male Female Strippers
Wisconsin Male Female Strippers - Wyoming  Male Female Strippers
Serving All Major Cities And Surrounding Areas.